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"A new organic crop has sprouted...It doesn’t grow from the soil, but from the collaborations between farmers, chefs and food enthusiasts. " — Palm Beach Post

"There is a bit of a renaissance going on in Indiantown, and farming is playing a big part. People are paying attention to the farm-to-table movement and one particular farm in Indiantown is getting noticed. "
— TC Palm

"We've all heard of farm-to-table dining, but when your meal is actually prepared and served on a farm, there's no truer definition. "
— New Times

"While I enjoy being wined and dined at great restaurants, nothing can beat having dinner on the farm. The peaceful setting, the gorgeous surroundings, the fresh-from-the-farm ingredients — all bring me to a feeling of zen, a feeling that I’ll be happy to return to time and time again. " — Florida Food & Farm

A Look Inside Kai-Kai Farm