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Vegan Dinner with Chef Nina Kauder

Diane Cordeau Presents

Bean Scene Vegan Dinner Poster PR.jpg

Farm Tour 3:30

Dinner 5:30p




Photo by Dreamlight Studios

Photo by Dreamlight Studios

Chef Nina

Bean Scene Productions

Meet Bean Scene Founder Nina “Raw Chef” Kauder, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Chef Nina currently works as a Chef-Educator at various public and private locations in South Florida. 

As a former chef for Ambassadors to the United Nations, a professional food tour guide in New York, and master chocolatier, Chef Nina also has successful experience as a corporate event planner and local community organizer. She is extremely committed to giving people the tools and information they need to make more conscious food and lifestyle choices. Passionate about homegrown, organic, and local food, Chef Nina has started numerous community gardens for non-profit organizations. 

You’ll currently find Chef Nina bringing informative, plant- based, award- winning cooking demonstrations to public and private locations throughout South Florida.

As a chef formerly suffering from food allergies, she is extremely committed to empowering others with the tools they need to adopt conscious food and lifestyle choices.

This chef-educator, remains perpetually passionate about homegrown, organic, and local, non-GMO food, and will make sure you know how to use every part of your produce–skin, rind, peel, pot for #zerowaste, sustainable living, all while you conquer kitchen fears. Her classes are designed to elevate your skills, bringing you to confident cooking, shopping, and meal planning. Your doctor will see evidence of you evolving to being a driver, and active participant in your health journey.

After a diverse, lifelong Culinary career, Chef Nina has a warm spot for the layperson wanting to turn their dreams of a culinary product or favorite family recipe into a professional business. She guides entrepreneurs though the process with strategic coaching, developing a successful foundation, niche-specific financial forecasting, content creation (photo, video, copywriting), and social media management.

Her mission, through the not for profit she founded, Bean Scene Productions, is to support people making changes to save their lives. Customized programming with health, wellness, culinary, and gardening initiatives, are available, suitable for corporate wellness, spiritual and fitness centers, and individuals alike.