What is Kai-Kai ?


March 5, 2001 at Tasmania, Australia in route to Nelson, New Zealand across the Tasman Sea.

Before Kai-Kai Farm, Diane and I lived 10 years aboard “Kama Lua”, an Island Packet 44 cutter rigged sloop, on which we sailed 30,000 nm down under. The Coral Sea, north of Australia, includes Melanesia and the Solomon Islands.  This region is primitive with spectacular sailing between coral atolls and volcanic islands. A new anchorage off a Solomon Island village included the welcoming delegation of chiefs and/or subordinates who paddled up to Kama Lua in dugout canoes. In Pigeon English they would ask if we care for “Kai-Kai” which we discovered is to gather food or have food together. Diane and I chose this name for our small farm because it’s short with a great story to tell. We wish to extend the same hospitality and invite you have food together on the farm at one of our numerous farm-to-table feasts. Come join us.

- CF