Kai Kai Farm - Reviews


Cathy S.
“It is such a treat and a gift to receive the fruits of your labor. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy the lusciousness of what you grow and provide!“

“I have been meaning to THANK YOU for the sweetest strawberries I have had in years!
AND the VERY BEST spinach I have ever eaten in my whole life! It was divine! I have never had anything more delicious.“

“I put together the simplest of salads today with your produce. Arugala, lettuce, radishes, baby carrots, cucumber, broccoli, tiny tomatoes. It was the most amazing salad, the flavors were so full and beautiful. Nothing in the store can compare and I buy the high end organic produce. I am so grateful to you for making this wonderful food available. I have an outrageous dish with the kale planned for this week and am excited about creating a stir fry with the mix of peppers, squash and eggplant. It is an adventure!!!“

Kent & Liz
“We are so impressed with the quality of your seasonly grown vegetables. There is such a big difference in taste, when vegetables are organic and fresh picked.“

“Thanks so much, Diane! We made the most incredible soup with your veggies last night. And the boys are begging me for more of the "good" strawberries. The ones at Pxxxxx are not satisfying them. :)“

“First, let me gush about how much I'm enjoying your vegetables! I've been using the kale in smoothies and making huge salads with everything else for dinner. I can't believe how flavorful these salads are because the produce is so fresh!“
Tuesday December 1, 2015