Vegetables for Restaurants in South Florida


Please patronize these fine restaurants
(alphabetical order). They use the freshest LOCAL PRODUCE. They help support the Kai-Kai farmers and we are grateful:

Asian Finn - Steak, Seafood & Sushi

Breakers Restaurants

Cafe Chardonnay

Coolinary Cafe - A Tim Lipman Restaurant

Ian's Tropical Grill

Leftovers & Food Shack

Distinguish your Restaurant with help from Kai Kai Farm. Vegetables are not always fresh and not always niche from the major food distributors. Consult with Diane (561-797-7897) on what your menu requirements are; she will advise on what is feasible to grow, its seasonality, yield and cost. Get ideas from major seed catalogs like Johnny's, High Mowing, Rupp, or Seeds of Change to name a few. Kai Kai Farm will grow your niche vegetables and harvest them at perfection. Succession planting takes the idea a step further whereby seeds are planted at specific intervals so harvests arrive over a period of time synchronized with your menu. Your chefs will enjoy the variety and your customers will return for more.
Saturday August 23, 2014