The Owners

Diane Cordeau and Carl Frost, married in 1988, share a passion for growing niche-vegetables in the very demanding Treasure Coast climate. Both worked at the University of Florida Indian River Research and Education Center while Carl obtained his undergraduate bachelor of science in horticulture. Diane worked in the entomology lab and Carl in the citrus lab. They purchased a run-down 40-acre citrus block and this began the process of real education! Carl formerly worked in real estate sales, management and appraising while Diane retired, after 25 years, from cabin crew at Air Canada followed by a few years at a Florida landscape nursery and apprenticeship at Green Cay Produce in Boynton Beach. Carl also holds an undergraduate business degree from the University of Texas at Austin.


Farming is a seven-day-a-week proposition because insects, weather and customers never take a holiday. Even with automated irrigation it is necessary to keep a close eye on baby plants which can get stressed with the slightest change in their environment. Over 50 vegetables are grown and each must be harvested at their peak of perfection. Every day Carl and Diane go on foot patrol; they seek new pest infestations (bugs, fungi, bacteria and weeds), water deficits (or abundance), and harvestable produce. Imagine walking on the beach all day—that's what it is like at the farm with its soft sandy soil. Diane calls it “the spa”. It's a great way to stay in shape but the hours are long, farming goes on regardless of the weather and finally it's a “dirty job” (but we love doing it for our customers).